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Theme: Discrimination

Jessica Toomsen-Hall, Ralph Rogers, Kevan George,
Sarah Castle

An important theme in the book, The House of the
Scorpion, is discrimination. Nancy Farmer uses this
theme frequently throughout the chapters to give the
reader an idea of how it feels to be discriminated
against. The main character, Matt, is hidden from the
civilized world because he is a clone. Once he breaks
out of his house and into the real world, he is met
with the issues of his origin. The people around him
are ashamed of him and put him down because he is a
clone. This treatment makes Matt feel sad and
embarrassed because he doesnít understand how he is
different. The only people that treat him close to
normal are his guardian, Celia, his bodyguard, Tam
Lin, and his girlfriend, Maria. Even these people
donít treat him equally.
Though Maria, Tam Lin, and Celia treat Matt with
respect, they still donít give him the same attention
as they would to a ìnormalî person. Maria constatly
compares Matt to her dog. In chapter 10, page 92,
Maria says to Matt, ì Youíre like a wild animal, you
hide in there like a bear in a cave.î By saying this,
it shows that Maria still sees Matt as something other
than a human. Celia loves Matt, but still refuses to
let him call her mother. In chapter 2, page 11, Celia
says to Matt, ìDonít call me mama.î This quote shows
that Celia loves Matt but doesnít want to get too
attatched to him . Tam Lin is not afraid to teach Matt
the wonders of nature, but still tells him that even
though he is different, he should act like a ìrealî
boy. Even though Celia, Maria, and Tam Lin are ìrealî
people, they are treated differently as well.
Celia, Tam Lin, and Maria were also discriminated
against at some point in their lives. Celia lived
apart from the other servants because of the fact that
she was housing a clone. Tam Lin was from a different
country and had killed many innocent lives, his face
showed the scars of the past. Mariaís family was
uptight and proper, however, she was outgoing and open
to new ideas. Though these situations were not as
extreme as Mattís, they were still looked down upon.
Nancy Farmer might have written this book to show how
ALL people feel when they are discriminated. She uses
different characters at different levels of
discrimination to show all of the ways people might
deal with their differences. El Patron deals with
discrimination by gaining power, while Matt deals with
his discrimination with love. Maria deals with
rebellion against her family by befriending Matt and
Tam Lin deals with his discrimination by trying to
redeem himself from his bad decisions. Celia deals
with the prejudices against her by loving and
nurturing Matt, regardless his origin. Having all of
these characters cope with things differently, Nancy
Farmer might also be making the statement that people
molded into who they are today depending on how they
are treated earlier on.
The House of the Scorpion might have been written to
show discrimination from all different angles. Though
it is set in the future, these issues exist in the
present and affect people in the same way.

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Chapter Summaries 22-23

In these chapters Matt is beginning to realize why El'Patron needs a clone.

In the beginning of the chapter Matt is sitting in the passageway waiting for Maria to come back for him. He is hiding from everybody because he finally realizes why El'Patron takes such good care of him. He needs Matt's fresh new body parts for survival. Maria returns with water for Matt because he is extremely thirsty. Once his thirst is quenched, Maria tells him her plan for Matt's escape. They find an extra passage by using a red flashlight that Tam-Lin had advises Maria to use. This passage is obviously for El'Patron to use in a quick getaway since he has so many enemies. They make it out to the launch pad with Maria's hovercraft as Matt is disguised as her eejit. Just then Stephen and Emilia get onto the hovercraft with bodyguards. Stephen tips Matt off to the guards and Matt is taken away. He is brought to El'Patron and they talk together. Matt is to be taken to have a transplant, but Celia comes in and reveales that she has been giving Matt small doses of arsenic to prevent the transplant. El'Patron is furious, so he sends Celia off with the guards to become an eejit. El'Patron dies later, so there is no more need for Matt. They are going to kill him. Tam-Lin takes him to the small oasis while acting as if he were dropping Matt of a the eejit pens. He tells Matt to escape to Aztlan, and then leaves.


Chapter 38 Summary

My chapter in The House of the Scorpion was The House of Eternity. It was the last chapter in the book, so everything comes back together, with Matt, Celia, Daft Donald, and Tam Lin, sort of. He realizes in this chapter that it is his responsibility to break down the current empire of the late El Patron, and build it up from nothing. Then for the first time he is truly grateful for everyone who helped him when he was growing up.

At the very beginning of the chapter, Celia, Daft Donald, and Mr. Ortega are all revealing to Matt the unfortunate story of El Patron’s wake. All El Patron’s close friends and helpers were invited to celebrate the old man’s life. When they had said a few words, Stephen opened a bottle of wine that El Patron was saving for his 150th birthday, or his wake. Everyone who attended received a glass and drank the wine except for Daft Donald, because Tam Lin had instructed against it. Within a minute, everyone who had drank the wine dropped dead, including Tam Lin. Daft Donald, having not drank the wine, was the only survivor of the wake, and managed to line up all the bodies in El Patron’s secret cavern where the wake was held.

After hearing of the death of all his relation’s deaths he decided to go to the oasis to think things over. Once there he found Tam Lin’s old chest and reminisced on his happy days there with the old Scotsman. This got him thinking about how he would rule his land of Opium, since he was now the only heir, and according to Esperanza, he was El Patron. Just as he turned to leave a ray of deep red sunlight revealed a scorpion, just like the one he had seen with his attempted escape with Maria, glowing eerily on a rock. He put his hand on the scorpion and the rock opened up and revealed a long, dark passage. Matt shined his flashlight into the passage, and the floor of the corridor shown brilliantly the gold coins that lie all over the floor. Matt, being pleased that he had found an entrance into El Patron’s dragon hoard, decided that he would come back some other time when he had time to clear the place out.

Before Matt left the oasis, he made a fire and thought of all the ways he could change his sad country for the better. Although, he was scared of the monstrous task, he had plenty of confidence. With Tam Lin’s advise he wasn’t afraid of much any more

Chapter 19 Summary

El Patron is still sick. One day Matt is playing a song for him, and his voice cracked. He thought something was wrong with him, and he was embarrassed. Even thought he was embarrassed, Celia and Tam Lin had a party for his "coming of age". During the party, Tam Lin told Matt that he was harvested, and born out of a cow. Matt then finds out that El Patron get implants to keep him alive. Matt also figures out that El Patron didn't let the doctors destroy his brain, that's why he is so smart, and can do things.


Chapter Summaries 13 & 14

Chapter 13
Matt has just been to see Mr. MacGregor's clone, and is now trying to get Maria's attention so that he can talk to her about the clone. Maria does not want to talk to Matt though. Matt decides to take Maria's dog Furball as a hostage. He writes Maria a hostage note and takes some laudenum to drug Furball. Matt takes Furball to the shed, and leaves with out poisoning the dog. When Matt comes back to talk to Maria the dog is dead, and Tam Lin and Donald Daft are waiting for him. Everyone thinks he has poisoned the dog.

Chapter 14
Celia tells Matt her story of how she came to the farms. She was sent to work at a factory that she desparately wanted to leave. So, she and a couple of friends made an escape plan to get to the United States from Aztlan. In the process they got caught and were taken to see El Patron.
She was made one of El Patron's sevants and her friends were turned into eejits.


Chapters 31 & 32 Summary

Chapter 31: Ton-Ton summary

This chapter begins in the infirmary where Ton-Ton and Matt are being kept after being beaten by Jorge the last night. Luna keeps them company while bragging that he is training to be a keeper. Ton-Ton then reveals that all of the keepers drink laudanum every night. When hearing this, Matt sees his opportunity for freedom. He asks Luna and Ton-Ton if they know where San Luis is, and surprisingly they both do. As Ton-Ton describes the place he shows the first signs of maybe wanting to escape. Matt is patient and decides to suggest it another time.

Jorge forces Matt and Ton-Ton back to work the next day. Matt grows more and more restless to escape and begins to contemplate escape plans in his head as he works. As Matt does this he
begins to see the responsibilities that come with friendship when he tries to figure how the weak Fidelito will keep up. Matt explains to Chacho that Ton-Ton must help them if they want to escape, but Chacho refuses to believe that he can. Ton-Ton talks more about his estranged birth place San Luis and his family and Chacho begins to see humanity in him. Matt's suppressed memories about Celia come back and he breaks down crying.

Chapter 32: Found Out summary

In the evening Jorge asks for daily confessions and Matt partially tunes him out, repeating some of the same crimes as his mind strays back to the happier times at El Patron's mansion. Jorge becomes aggravated with him and calls on Fidelito, as he is ready to start a beating. The boys are stunned as Fidelito assumes the position, but Matt head butts him in the stomach while Chacho joins him with punches. The rest of the boy surround him poised for attack, but Matt stops them and lets Jorge crawl away.

Not long after the the rebellion, a small army of keepers comes down the hall. They proceed to bind the two supposed offenders and announce that they will be locked down. It is then that Flaco announces what Jorge was doing. The head keeper seems to believe them, but Jorge announces the tattoo on Matt's foot. The boys are shocked thinking him to be an eejit. Unexpectedly, Ton-Ton speaks up for Matt, saying he isn't bad. The boys are way of him now though. Matt and Chacho are taken to a dark room, and ponder what will happen next.


Chapter 17 & 18 Summary

Matt and Maria have just emerged from the secret passageway at the beginning of chapt. 17. Felicia has just revealed to Tom that she poisoned Furball, while Maria and Matt are spying on them. Matt is only just now realizing that Felecia hates him. Now Matt feels uncomfortable because he knows that Tom and Felecia watch everything over the surveillance cameras. Matt
gets a safe horse and decides to explore. To Matt's surprise, Rosa is now an eejit and she takes care of the horses. Matt seeks refuge in the Oasis. On his way back to the house, Matt stops at the water purification plant. He is given a tour, but the guide never looks at Matt and feels uncomfortable being near a clone. Matt follows the trail of waste, leading away from the Eejit Pens. The safe horse collapses because of the stench.Matt tries to get out of the area, but is apprehended by two bodygaurds similar to Tam Lin. They belong to the Farm Patrol. The two men threaten Matt's life until he informs them that he is El Patron's clone. The bodygaurds now address Matt as Master and proceed to tke him back to the Big House.

In chapter 18, The Dragon Hoard, not much happens. Tam Lin describes El Patron as a dragon who doesn't need his treasure, but can sense if one coin is missing. El Patron is now sick and needs a new heart. Matt's life is now in danger.


Theme: Treatment of Clones

Treatment of Matt

In the beginning Matt is treated very well. Celia treats Matt like her son, but refuses to let him call her mom. Matt starts to question Celiaís reasoning for keeping him cooped up in the house all day. He thinks he treatment is unfair; he no longer wants to be in trapped in the house all day. When Matt meets Emilia, Steven, and Maria they do not know he is clone, and therefore try to help him when he jumps out of the window. When the three find out he is a clone Steven and Emilia are disgusted. Maria does not seem to understand why Matt is so disgusting. She tries to help Matt, but ends up taking him in like her own little pet. Maria is always nice to Matt. She is in love with him despite the fact that he is a clone. Maria always forgives Matt no matter what he has done. Even when she thought he had killed her dog.

Rosa and Tom are completely different stories. Rosa treats Matt like chicken that will be killed any day. She really could care less about him just because he is a clone. She leaves Matt in a room full of saw dust, and barely feeds him. If Matt was El Patron's ere his life would be completely different. Tom acts like a boy with a magnify glass over an ant, and Matt is the ant. He is cruel. He hates Matt with the most hatred. Tom takes peas and shoots them at Matt when he has no where to hide and is helpless. The rest of the Alacran family is disgusted that Matt is in their family. They would love to have Matt killed, but El Patron would be furious. The Alacrans only tolerate Matt when he is in El Patron's presence. Otherwise they are completely cruel.

El Patron is so evil that there is no way to describe him. At first he is treats Matt like his son. He gives Matt tons of gifts and makes sure that Matt has the best of the best, but in the end Matt is deceived. El Patron has just created Matt to kill him in the end. El Patron made Matt just to use his organs for when he is about to die. Matt is so hurt yet, but he cannot let go of his devotion towards El Patron.

Tam Lin is Mattís only father figure. He teaches Matt everything he needs to know about life, and helps Matt escape to a better life. Tam Lin is the person that helps Matt come to his man hood. He is nice to Matt even though he knows Matt is a clone. Tam Lin ignores the fact that everyone else is disgusted of Matt. He is above everyone else; he does not care what the rest of the family thinks. Tam Lin teaches Matt to climb mountains and to do all sorts of things in order to survive in the wild.

Once Matt gets out of the Farms the boys treat him like one of them. However they do not know he is a clone. They think of each other like brothers. Everyone that is not a part of the Alacran family treats with respect, forgetting the maids and the doctor. Many finally love Matt; he finally feels wanted. Maria's mother treats Matt like a human being even though she knows that he is a clone. She helps him get back to the farms and have a happy life. She is oneof the kindest people to Matt.

-Camille, Silas, Wil

Theme: Cloning

The theme that we choose to write on that we saw in The House of the Scorpion was cloning. Cloning is the genetic twin of another organism. There are three major types of cloning. There are DNA Cloning, Reproductive Cloning, and Therapeutic Cloning. DNA Cloning is the transfer of a DNA fragment from one organism to a self-replicating element. Reproductive Cloning is a technology used to generate an animal that has the same nuclear DNA as another currently or previously existing animal. Therapeutic Cloning is the production of human embryo for use in research.

There are many risks of cloning. Most of the time cloning doesn't work. When it does work they are likely to have tumor growth, or have other disorders. Also, if the clone does work it most likely will die young.

In the book, there are many different opinions of cloning. The Alacran family thinks cloning is bad and they only use clones for spare parts. Maria doesn't really know what cloning is but she doesn't judge people so she doesn't care is Matt is. Tam Lin and Celia think Matt is a normal boy and they treat him like one. They know that their is nothing wrong with him except that he was born differently.

-Carla, Brittney and Claire

Chapter 36 Summary

In chapter 36 Matt, Fidelito, and Ton ton are getting a ride to the hospital where Maria is at. Guapo, the driver of the hovercraft they are in, shows the three boys the festival going that occupies all of the cities streets. There was a man dressed up as el Patron who momentarily scared Matt.

Once Matt and the gang gets into the hospital, they meet a nun and they ask her if she knows a Maria and a Chancho. The nun says she knows many Marias but only one Chancho. She then continued to say that Chancho was in intensive care. Right before she went away she told them to look out because Keepers from their orphanage who were "visiting".

After the three orphans made their way to Chancho's room, Matt noticed the Keepers where trying to take Chancho back to the orphanage. Matt became enraged and attacked the Keepers with all his might. Then unexpectedly Dona Esperanza, Maria's Mom, shows up and accuses the Keeperís of abuse and drug smuggling and ties them up to be arrested. Right after all the commotion ceased Maria ran into the room and hugged Matt has hard as she could because he was presumed dead.


Character: Tam Lin-Links

Here are some links about Tam Lin:

*encyclopedia article on mythical character

* lyrics of ballad, by Francis J. Child

*Scottish independence

*More in-depth story of Tam Lin


Chapters 27 & 28 Summary

Chapters 27-28

Matt has settled in the factory after his dangerous, tumultuous journey from Opium to Aztlan. The journey, however, is far from over. Taken into factory by some seemingly sweet, caring officials, he is constantly trying to figure out what the country is like, the reason behind the place's customs, which include, for example, reciting the all-important Five Principals of Good Citizenship and the Four Attitudes Leading to Right-Mindfulness. As he examines the orphansí grueling, monotonous work, he realizes that their parents were caught fleeing by the Farm Patrol and turned in to eejits. This tragic notion increases his frustration, but he vents it out by questioning the Keeper, Raul, when he gives a lecture condemning individualism. He is apprehensive, but soon his wit becomes a novelty to the orphans at the factory, instantly gaining him acceptance. Raul, on the other hand, remains hostilely scornful of the "nasty little aristocrat," Matt. He is sent to the Plankton Factory near San Luis with Chacho and Fidelito.

After an uncomfortable hovercraft ride, the three outcasts arrive at the awful, repugnant Plankton Factory. Carlos, another enthusiastic Keeper, welcomes the vomiting boys and introduces them to the wonderful world of harvesting (and eating!) plankton. The plankton, according to Carlos, is an all-encompassing sustainer of life; it is good and healthy because "it is shared by all." Matt's hope of quickly escaping to the convent and reaching Maria is washed away by the foul, crimson water the little shrimp in the factory swim in. However, his sense of camaraderie with Chacho and Fidelito can only grow stronger, as Matt discovers more and more about his friends' personalities and backgrounds.

Character: Tam Lin

Tam Lin does not come up in all sections of the book; therefore, we have analyzed his character in the sections in which he does appear.

Tam Lin is an important character in Matt's life and growth. In Matt's "Middle Life," years 7-11, Tam Lin acts as a father figure toward Matt. Tam Lin is an interestring character because he treats Matt as an equal instead of treating him how everyone else treats him. Tam Lin's first fatherely act was when Matt first relearned to talk. Tam Lin took Matt on a picnic and tought him the facts of life and death. This is especially interesting because most people did not recognize him as an intelligent human being. Tam Lin is a strong bold father for Matt, and heu was a gateway to Matt's learning.

In the "Old Life" section of the book, Tam Lin is like the oasis that Matt and he cherish so much. Slowly but surely, Matt discovers new things about Tam Lin and reaches the conclusion that the bodyguard is a trustworrthy father, crucial to success in Mattís journey. Like the oasis, Tam Lin is a treasure, a pool of wisdom and a keenly human, philosophical but action-driven brooding over the issues of the world. In the same way that Matt decisively discovers the enriching oasis, he finds Tam Lin's true identity. The chest full of supplies, in addition to being a key step in Matt accepting his calling, is a frank gesture of friendship on Tam Lin's part. Later on, when Hugh and Ralf reveal to him that Tam Lin is a former terrorist, Matt is surprised but not in the least repelled from his warm, adoptive father. He continues to discover more and more. During Mattís improvised coming-of-age party, Tam Lin gets drunk and loses his temper over the brutal injustices that occur daily in El Patronís Opium. This displays his passion and gushing thirst for justice and peace. It contrasts with what is usually Tam Linís passive, pensive nature. Near the end of the section, Matt is caught in some extremely tight, life-or-death situations. Tam Lin, coolly but passionately plans everything out so that Matt can start his journey to Aztlan. Tam Lin continues his role of father and becomes a pillar of solidarity as Matt finds out who the bodyguard is in reality.

AGE 14
Throughout "Age 14," Tam Lin's gruff appearance covers up his caring nature. Tam Lin realizes that Matt's future is coming to an end, unless he intervenes. Tam Lin is so strong, but so powerless. He is just as trapped by El Patron as Matt. But, like most parents, Tam Lin will do all that he can to save his little friend. Tam Lin goes so far as to help Celia put poison in Mattís food so that El Patron cannot use his body to prolong his life. Tam Lin helps Matt reach his turning point by helping him escape Opium.

-Juan, Jared, David

Theme: Love (Last Love)

Love plays a key role in The House of the Scorpion. It ties the characters to one another and the lack of breaks others apart. Matt was so surrounded by hate in the Alacran house that he might not have survived without the very few people who did care for him. There were many different loving relationships between Matt and another character. Matt and Celia represent maternal love. She was like a mother to him and looked after him constantly. Matt has a great motivation to make her proud in everything that he does and she desperately wants him to succeed and make something of himself. Tam Lin and Matt share a strong friendship. Tam Lin is the protector of Matt, but more like an older brother than the bodyguard that he is. Matt respects Tam Lin and looks up to him, and Tam Lin is one of the few who respects Matt. Matt and Maria are young lovers. Their bond is very strong; however, they both know that it is impossible for them to be together in happiness. Lastly, Matt and El Patron share a highly interesting relationship. El Patron loves Matt only because he loves himself. Matt respects El Patron because he can easily see the power that El Patron wields over his family and friends. Unfortunately, Matt realizes that the education and wonderful lifestyle that El Patron provided him with is all for nothing, and the real reason that he is alive is to sacrifice himself to save El Patron’s life. But though El Patron tried to kill him, Matt still finds himself loving him because he is his life.

As a young child, Matt lived a sheltered life, but love was always a part of it. Love kept him going through the toughest of times and gave him the will to survive. El Patron may be an evil man, but Matt shows that evil must be learned. Matt was brought up with love and affection and has become the better man.

-Madison, Peter, Taylor, and Andrew

Theme: Love (Matt and Celia)

The love Celia and Matt share is really the only display of maternal love in the entire book. When Matt was young, Celia showed him many things about the world. She raised him in her little shack in the middle of the poppy fields, and guarded him from everything she didn't want him to know about. then when he was older, she was a shoulder to comfort him. whenever he was in trouble she was there to comfort him. The only other possible example example of maternal love in the book would be Felicia and Tom, but Felicia is too drugged out all the time to realize she even has a son.

Matt owed a lot to Celia for showing him everything he needed to know. she was also one of the few people in the story that actually treated Matt as an equal. As Matt grew older, he realized that she was his Mother and started to appreciate her love for him alot more than he had when he was younger.


Theme: Love (Matt and Tam Lin)

Matt has a very special relationship with Tam Lin. Because he is a clone, most people treat Matt with hatred or at least differently from humans, but Tam Lin is one of the few who treats him has an equal. Tam Lin is chosen as Matt's bodyguard, but since Matt doesn't have many children to play with, Tam Lin becomes more of a friend. He teaches Matt about nature and encourages him to do well in school and music. He is there to break up fights between Matt and Tom and is always willing to help Matt when he asks for it. Tam Lin wants Matt to know the truth about everything: eejits, Opium, and mainly Matt's own existence. It is Tam Lin that shows Matt the oasis and gives him the supplies necessary for escape. Tam Lin wants Matt to be happy and safe. This shows that Tam Lin really does love Matt like a brother or a friend. When Tam Lin dies, Matt's despair shows that Tam Lin really meant a lot to him and he leaves a void that will be hard to fill.


Chapter 15 Summary: A Starved Bird

In the beginning of the chapter Maria has left the estate to go to a convent. Matt has no one left in the large house. One day Matt decides to order a safe horse, and Rosa comes out to give it to him. At first he is afraid of Rosa, but he soon realizes that she is an eejit. He begins to realize what a terrible thing it is to be an eejit.

He takes the safe horse out to his mountain and finds a metal chest. Inside are books, food, and a note from Tam Lin explaining why he had to go with El Patron.

When Matt comes back, he finds the house in turmoil. El Viejo is dead, and Matt has been ordered to attend the funeral. Matt is irritated until he realizes that Maria will be there.

During the service the priest is appalled that the "monster" is here. He orders Matt to leave. Soon Maria speaks up, telling the priest that Saint Francis would bring animals to church. The priest then yells at Maria, so Matt grabs Maria and takes her to his hiding place. They become friends again.

-Jessicaa T-H

Chapter Summaries 3 & 4

Chapter 3&4 Summary

I've decided to write my summary about chapters 3 and 4, of "The House Of The Scorpion." The main character is really Matteo, also known as Matt. He is a clone,
and has very little knowledge of socializing with other people, except for a woman named Celia. She is practicly a mother figure to Matt. Celia is a maid in the big house also.

In the third chapter of this book, things begin to get extroardinarily interesting. This is because Matt finall meets and sees other children around his age. At first when Matt saw the children at his window, he hid because Celia had told him to. Then on that same night, Matt found out their names by asking Celia about them. The next day, the children came back , and he eventually got outside by breaking the window and went to go play with the other kids. He was terrified, but he was for some reason very fond of a little girl about his age, that stuck up for him to all of the
rest of the kids who were being rude to him. The other kids were either sibblings or just outside friends.

Then in the fourth chapter, Matt begin to open up to everyone, but he is still a bit puzzled and amazed. After all it's his first time being outside in the sunshine, with actuall other people. While Matt and all of the other children were playing around, Matt got hurt eventually by a patch of broken glass. he had one of the boys, (Steven I think,) to sling him back up and out of the patch of glass. however, Matt still
got glass in his feet and in his hands. He was amazed that he was bleeding, and it was just something, that he had never expierienced before. This chapter, was also when everyone finds out, that he is a clone. Matt didnt even know what a clone was. When the doctor came to help Matt, that was when everyone found out. And after that, that was when everyone began to treat him like an outcast, animal, and an alll out weirdo; except for the one little girl that I had mentioned earlier.


Chapter Summary 24

In the beginning of chapter 24, Tam Lin is carrying Matt to the eejit pens to dispose of him. They reach their stopping point and the dismount. Matt gets off the horse and discovers that Tam Lin is not going to kill him after all. Tam Lins plan is to realese him into the wild with the secret supplies he left Matt earlier. Tam Lin tells him to follow him to the Oasis. Matt is hesitant at first but eventually follows Tam Lin. When they reach the Oasis they talk for a little bit. Tam Lin answers Matts questions about his past and his own past. Tam Lin then tells Matt a very impostant secret. The idea of clones being less intelligant than humans is a lie. There is no difference between a real human and a clone.

Tam Lin then tells Matt his plan for his escape. Matt is to climb the mountains and cross the boarder. He is then to go to Marias house to get her and let her know that he is safe. Tam Lin also tells Matt that Celia is not an eejit because he marked her as if she had already been operated on. Then the time has come for Tam Lin to leave. He begins to walk away when Matt asked if they will ever see eachother again. Tam Lin thinks for a moment and then replys "No" and walks away.


Chapter Summary 31

In the beginning of this chapter, Ton-Ton wakes up feeling sore from his pointless beating the night before. Matt, also sore for the same reason, discovers that Luna is training to be a Keeper. Luna explains that everyone becomes a Keeper eventually. Matt tries to explain that there are only 20 Keeper spots and 120 boys and that they cant all become Keepers, but no matter how much he tries they still believe what Carlos tells them. Matt asks Ton-Ton what it is like inside the compound, and he tells him all about the food and luxuries, and Matt soon discovers that they store laudanum in there. He discovered that they take the laudanum every night, which makes them turn into zombies, witch also gives him a chance to escape.

Matt intended to take Chacho and Fidelito with him. He thought twice about Fidelito, he being weak and a hassle, but he decided that he couldn’t leave his friend. The next day, Jorge forced them back to work. Chacho and Fidelito waited for Ton-Ton to come on the harvester to talk to him. When he arrived, Matt asked him about San Luis and the last time he was there. Ton-Ton explained he went with Jorge about a year ago and he talked about his parents and his abuelita and as much as he could remember
about San Luis. Ton-Ton talked so much that his thoughts became clear and his speech was smooth. Chacho was amazed that Matt could make Ton-Ton smart by just talking to him and Ton-Ton agreed to make friends.


Character: Matt and El Patron

As a young boy , Matt did not know el Patron, but was treated rudely by everyone except Celia. When he met El Patron, Matt was relieved to find that a man of
such high power liked him. Matt immediately fell in love with this man because he was the first person to hold Matt at such high regard. Unknown to Matt, El Patron is so caring because he sees himself in Matt. What El Patron really likes is himself. Matt mistakes this self-love for true love and friendship.

The book continues and the relationship between Matt and El Patron grows stronger. El Patron's self love becomes much stronger also, and Matt takes advantage of this. He knows he can do anything he wants when El Patron is around, so he does things he
would not usually be able to do, like making Maria kiss him. As Matt grows older, so does El Patron, and is soon in need of a new heart. Matt realizes now what his real purpose was on earth: to be used to the advantage of El Patron. This makes his love dwindle for the man, but not totally. El Patron no longer thinks of Matt lovingly, but as something he needs. He needs Matt to give him his heart, not caring about the fate of Matt himself.

-Peter McDonald

Chapter Summary 23

In chapter 23, Matt is caught by the guards, put in an operation room, and prepared for surgery. El Patron was sick and needed a new heart, which would be taken
from Matt. The whole time Matt was raised he thought he was special, unlike any other clone in the world. He thought El Patron loved him for who he was, but he loved him for his body parts. Matt is moved into El Patrons room where there sits a plate of cookies, something to drink, El Patron in a bed, and Celia standing distant in the corner as quit as can be. El Patron talks to Matt about how Matt got everything El
Patron didnt get when he was a kid. El Patron said he needed a heart transplant and that Matt owed him so he would be forced to give up his heart. After El Patron said these words, Celia exploded with anger and talked about how Matt didnt owe El Patron anything, and how she has been poisining Matt with arsenic and other substances so that Matt would not die but anyone that was weak with the heart would die. After this El Patron gets angry and yells. Matt is picked up by the guards and moved to another room. In this room Tam Lin ties Matt up and tells Matt that there are many other clones just like him and he is not special.

-will g.

Chapter Summaries 33 & 34

Summary: Chapters 33-34

Matt and Chaco have been restrained because they assaulted Jorge, an abysmal Keeper. The next thing they know, Jorge is driving them in a large truck. Their arms, feet, and mouths are taped. Jorge drives them to the bone yard, a large mass of whale bones that are all fragilely sitting on one another. Jorge and another Keeper rip the tape off the boys’ mouths and hurl them into the bones. The boys use the bones to help them escape from the tape binding their arms. Chaco is afraid that the bats in the cave will suck his blood. Later in the night, Chaco goes into shock, and Matt thinks he’s sleeping. A desert storm passes over the bones as Matt talks on and on about various things. Then, Matt drifts off to sleep.

In the morning, Matt calls for Chaco, who doesn't answer. He thinks Chaco might be dead. He hears a clanking sound, and thinks that Jorge has come back to find him, but he sees a Shrimp Harvester instead. His friends Ton-Ton and Fidelito are driving it. The two boys have drugged the Keepers with Laudanum and nearly locked them into a room in the factory. They have taken all the good food the Keepers eat and are now planning to escape after picking up Matt and Chaco from the Bone yard. Ton-Ton pulls Chaco's body up from the pit, and they see that Chaco is still alive. Since he was in shock, he had fallen into a kind of, uh, sleep, as Ton-Ton put it. They give Chaco fluids and he is revived. After the two boys are rescued from the bone yard, the foursome sets out on a journey away from the Plankton Factory. Chaco wasn't doing well, so once they got far enough away from the factory, Matt and Fidelito set out alone to find help.


Character: Maria's Personality and Role

Maria is a very emotional girl. Even as she grows, her emotions seem to be
going wild. She cries extremely easily, something that Matt always
remembers. She is very attatched to her dog, and likes being the one in
charge, especially when she is younger.

- Rachel, Caitlyn, Jessica B., Michael

Character: Maria and Her Relationship with Tom

Tom is the illegitimate son of Felicia and McGregor. He almost has a split personality: towards Matt, he is a vile, disgusting, self-centered boy who obviously hates Matt with a passion, but towards adults and respectable people (Maria included), he is an angel. Maria, who has probably known Tom for a considerable amount of time, looks up to Tom and trusts him, especially during her younger years. Even though she witnesses Tomís
rudeness to Matt, she almost fears to confront Tom about it. Maria seems to feel admiration, respect, fear, love, and even dislike towards Tom. (Her varying feelings help convey how emotionally changing she is). After Maria has put her trust in Matt and begun to like him more than a friend, she tells him how she is probably going to be betrothed to Tom in a few years. Matt finds this disgusting, especially since he knew that Tom was up to many awful thingsñ including ones that could harm Maria. After Maria learns the truth about Furball and Tomís real personality is uncovered, she begins to
take her trust away from Tom and place it with Matt. Although Maria once liked and admired Tom, he ends up being the object of her dislike.

-Rachel, Caitlyn, Jessica B., Michael

Character: Maria and Her Relationship to Matt

Maria is a major character in Farmer's The House Of The Scorpion. She starts out as a young girl who is visiting her friends in Opium with her father, Senator Mendoza. When we are first introduced to Maria, she is a small, strong willed little girl. Maria holds on to tons of odds and ends as a way to remember her mother, who is supposedly dead. As the story progresses and her relationship with Matt grows, so does she, physically and emotionally. When Maria first meets Matt, she believes him to be an animal. The more she gets to know Matt, she realizes that he is exactly like a human. loathe personality matures greatly throughout the book as she is forced to grow up and separate herself from Matt. Matt starts to like Maria as more than a
friend. At first, she is opposed to this idea completely, but the more she sees him, the more she begins to like him also. After Maria returns from the convent for vacations, she has matured into a completely new girl. Following the studies of Saint Francis, Maria believes that animals are creatures too and should be treated well. This also backs up her to believe that Matt is a real person and shouldnít be treated differently just because he is a clone.

Matt and Maria begin to grow closer to each other but more as close friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. Towards the end of Mattís time in Opium, Maria begins to defend him against her father and the others. Maria tries to help Matt escape, but is unsuccessful because her sister interferes. Later, Matt ends up escaping with the help of Tam Lin, and after enduring many more hardships, he is finally reunited with Maria to make it the perfect ending.

- Rachel, Caitlyn, Jessica B., Michael

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Chapter Summary: 17

In chapter 17, it starts out with Matt alone. He thinks to himself that he can't talk to Tam Lin or Maria, so he decides to do things that will please them. He reads survial manuals to please Tam Lin and reads a long confusing book about Saint Francis to please Maria. The Saint Francis book gave Matt a warm feeling, and it made it seem like the world was one great big family, unlike the Alacrans. Matt wondors though if Saint Francis would of liked Matt since he is a clone. Matt then goes to the stables to get a safe horse and rides out to the oasis. Here he tries to act like Saint Francis and call out to the brother sun and greet the sister poppies. Matt likes it in the oasis because none of the animals care if he is a human or a clone. In the oasis, matt sits down and reads a book about Opium. He thought it would be another book about farming, but instead it was about somthing more interesting and exciting. In the book, Matt finds out information about what El Patron did when he was younger. He finds out El Patron gained his wealth by illegal drug operations. Matt learns more information about the country of Opium and how it was governed. Matt gets angry when the author of the book insults El Patron by calling him evil and selfish. He then throws the book into the water as hard as he can. Matt begins to think about himself being in charge of running an opium enterprise. He then realizes he couldn't be in total control since he is a clone. He says he could probably help the real person who is in charge though. Matt starts to talk to a foreman about a river far away and asks why it smells so bad. The foreman replys dead fish and chemicals. Matt then begins to feel sick and feels for his inhaler. Matt turns toward the north and looks into a desert with ridges that resembles buildings. Matt gets closer and finds out that they are buildings. He decides to go to the buildings and starts to get sick and dizzy. Matt finds himself looking up into a stangers face who thinks he is an eejit at first, but then comes to the conclusion that he is an illegal. Matt tells the man he is El Patron's clone to try and scare the man. It worked and the man then showed much gratittude towards him. Matt gets taken to the Big House, but talks much about Scotland with the men he was rescued by.


Character: Maria

Rachel, Caitlyn, Jessica B., Michael

Maria is a major character in Farmer’s, The House Of The Scorpion. She starts out as a young girl who is visiting her friends in Opium with her father, Senator Mendoza. When we are first introduced to Maria she is a small, strong willed, senator’s daughter, Maria holds on to tons of odds and ends as a way to remember her mother, who is supposedly dead. As the story progresses her relationship with Matt grows, and so does she. When Maria first meets Matt she believes him to be an animal. The more she gets to know Matt, she realizes that he is like a human. Maria’s personality matures greatly throughout the book as she is forced to grow up and seperate herself from Matt. Matt starts to like Maria as more than a friend. At first she is opposed to this idea completely, but the more she sees him, the more she begins to like him also. After Maria retuns from the convent for vacations she has matured into a completely new girl. Following the studies of Saint Francis, Maria believes that animals are creatures too and should be treated well. This also leads her to believe that Matt is a real person and shouldn’t be treated differently just because he is a clone. Matt and Maria begin to grow closer to each other but more as close friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. Towards the end of Matt’s time in Opium, Maria begins to defend him against her father and the others. Maria eventually helps Matt to escape from El Patron. Tam Lin and Maria thenwork together to help Matt escape to Aztlan, or Mexico.

Theme: Love (Matt n' Maria)

As children, Matt and Maria's naive innocence allowed them to be close friends without being influenced by the discrimination of that society. As time went on though, Maria began to become aware of clones and how they were thought of and she started to think of Matt as something other than a regular person. When Matt's demanding nature took over, that caused a bit of a strife between them which caused Matt to act desperately and kidnap her dog, because he wanted to talk to her. Blamed for the death of furball, Matt was afraid he was seperated from Maria forever and became a lot more lonely. After Matt was proved innocent, Maria became very relieved yet sad at the same time and when they began searching for Matt, they confessed their
love for each other. Their confession to each other gave the courage to Matt to try to escape through the secret passage, even though that didn't work out so well.

While working at the plankton factory, Matt's determination to see Maria at the Santa Clara convent allows him to continue living in those harsh conditions. Matt could have mad many bad decisions because of his naturally demanding nature, but his
time with Maria helped him develop a good concious and he was able to keep out of trouble because of her caring and loving nature. After escaping from the bone
yard, he heads on a journey and eventually meets up with Maria and her mother who save him from a chasing group of keepers. Both Maria and her mother's caring
love and inspiration gave him the courage to go back to Opium and find out that he owns it. Overall, Maria's, along with some other people's love, helped him strive to find out who he was and realize he was no different from any other human.


Matt: Youth

In the beginning of the book, Matt is just one droplet out of thirty-six DNA samples taken from El Patron, being cultivated by Eduardo. One by one each of the other embryos die, after being put into the brood cows, even more do. This leaves only Matt, who when is born does not have the mind-blunting procedure. This symbolizes the individuality and how special he is, and may build a slight bond between him and the reader. After this, it fast-forwards to Matt is five years old and is living in secret with Celia. He is left alone and becomes depressed after realizing that his stuffed animals and TV characters are not real like people. He yearns for more human contact. When the other children approach, Matt goes into a
panic. He thinks that he may have been too hasty in his wishes like in the story about Pedro el Conejo in Senor MacGregor's garden. This foreshadows the appearance of Mr. Macgregor and symbolizes how Matt feels as this happens. Matt's urges get the best of him, and he breaks the window with a cooking pot, and jumps out. Matt’s not knowing that the glass would cut him may symbolize how new and strange the world is to him outside of Celia's home.

After he arrives at Alacran Estate, the glass is taken out, but a scar is left over the tattoo on his foot saying "Property of Alacran Estate". I think this foreshadows that he will be cut off from Alacran Estate, but this past will continue to haunt him because it is still readable. Mr. Alacran kicks him out of the house and gives Matt his first taste of hatred toward him. Shortly after the children find out that he is a clone the doctor operates on him, and it is clear that they don’t see him as human. Matt is put in a cell and is shown kindness by Maria. To me, this is like the calm before the storm. Maria is then taken away and the person who tends to him treats Matt horribly. He sees a romance unfold and then end between Rosa and the Doctor. Matt is treated even worse, but soon begins to cultivate an order to his cell, keeping everything in place. This shows similarity between him and El Patron, keeping everything the way he wants it and not letting go. This continues until finally, the two people ever kind to him come to have him released. My conclusion about Matt after he has gone through this series of events, is that he has now become shy, prone to delving into his own thought, and much more cynical.

-Jud, Cory, and Morgan

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Chapter Summaries 12 & 13

The House Of The Scorpion
Chapter Summary 12-13
Rachel B.

In chapter 12, Matt wakes up after the party feeling awful about what he has done to Maria. Hearing a knock on the door he looks and finds Felicia, who has come to talk with Matt. After talking for a while Felicia explains to Matt that Maria wants to see him. So Matt goes to the hospital where he is supposed to meet Maria. Upon arriving and talking to her, Matt realizes that Tom and Felicia have set him up. Tom then comes in telling them that he has something he wants them to see. Following him closely they begin to hear an awful crying noise coming from down the hall. At first they assume it is an animal, but when they reach the room they see a boy. He is a clone, but not only a clone, he is Mr. Macgregor’s clone. Scared by this site, Maria runs out and Tom and Matt follow. Matt then remembers that when clones get older they begin to fall apart; which is what Macgregor’s clone was doing.

After returning to the house Matt talked with Celia about Maria. Angry about what Tom had done, Celia revealed to Matt that Tom was Macgregor’s son. Felicia and Macgregor had had an affair years ago, but El Patron didn’t want to give up Tom so he was considered Mr.Alacran’s son. Matt also learns that he is the only clone that wasn’t injected with the poison at birth because El Patron wanted him to be normal. Maria was still mad at him so he devised a plan. He was going to steal Furball and leave a ransom note so that when she came to get the dog he could talk with her. His plan was to the dog and put it to sleep with alchol then hid it in the pump house until Maria came to fetch him. Once he got the dog, he didn’t have to use the alchol because he fell asleep on his own. So, Matt left the dog and went to leave the ransom note. When Matt went to meet Maria that night he saw that everyone was already there, and Furball had died. Everyone blamed Matt for giving him the laudanum that killed him when he actually hadn’t given any to the dog. Even thought Matt denied it the evidence against him was to strong.

Discussion Questions-Part Two

Sarah- What does Matt's character symbolize?

Jessica T-H- Why does Tom hate Matt?

Danny- Why does Matt hate Tom so much?

Joel- Why is Matt poisoned?

Michael- Why is Matt so mean to Maria at his party?

Peter- How does Maria know about the Oasis?

Jessica B.- Why does Tam Lin like Matt?

Taylor- If Celia hadn't convinced Tam Lin, do you think he would have turned Matt and Celia in?

Chelsea- How has Matt grown through this story?

Marcy-Why are most of the smaller themes disrespectful to Matt?

Kevan- What is El Patron's real purpose for having Matt as a clone?

Ralph- Why does Felecia hate Matt?

Caitlyn- what is the real reason for Matt's existence?

Madison- Does Tom feel threatened by Matt?

Rachel- How would you feel if you were left in the oasis and had to escape? Do you think you could do it?

Cal- Why do you think Matt got mad at the teacher?

Juan-Why and how does Celia undergo a transformation from shy and non-confrontational to agressive and passionate when Matt sees El Patron for the last time?

Corey- How do you think Matt feels about the way he was created?

Morgan- How do you think the world reacted when they found Opium?

Camille- What do you think drove Felicia to be so evil?

David- In your opinion, was it wrong to poison Matt even though it would probably save him from being operated on? If Matt was the seventh clone of El Patron, why did Celia try to save this one?

Jared-Do you think Tam Lin's love of Matt is real or ordered by El Patron?

Jud- Why does El Patron always tell the same stories? What are the lessons behind them?

Chapter Summaries 26 & 27

Matt escapes from the farm patrol and crosses the border of Opium. He meets a group of orphan kids called Lost Girls and Boys that help him out and bring him to where they stay. They weren't sure what to do with him so he hangs around until he's able to go to work at a plankton factory in San Luis, so he can go see Maria in the Santa Clara convent. He learns about Holo-games and there seems to be some kinda brainwashing thing, but the people get mad when they hear that, work is freedom, freedom is work. It's hard but it's fair. He tells them a fake last name for himself and improvises on how his parents were taken. Alot of the boys seem to think they will have their parents come back and save them, the naive fools...sorry.

Keepers watch over the work productivity of the orphan kids and say individualism is a bad thing, if you don't do enough work you don't get food. Individualism is like a five legged horse, they say, and Matt argues with them that this wasn't much different than turning them into eejits or zombies, and the kids cheer with joy. I would really hate to have to recite the Five Principles of Good Citizenship and the Four Attitudes Leading to Right-Mindfulness everytime I want to eat.

Being quiet can be a virtue.


Chapter Summaries 7 & 8

Summary: chapters 7-8

Matt is spending his days in Celia's apartment, hanging out with Maria and fighting with Tom.
Summer ends and Maria is forced to leave Matt for school. Matt is surprised to find that he also must go to school. His own teacher comes to teach Matt every day, but teaches the same thing over and over. One day Matt finally gets fed up with the teacher and screams at her. This is the first time he has spoken since coming to the big house.

Tam Lin invites Matt on a picnic to celebrate Matt's talking. To Matt's surprise, they both ride horses. Along the way, Matt sees a man collapsed in the middle of a poppy field and does not understand why he is not aloud to give him water. The two ride further, eventually crossing the boundary of the estate. Tam Lin shows Matt how the horse must be told to drink before he drinks. Matt realizes that the same goes for the man in the field and his teacher. He
realizes that these are called eejits and they only do things when they are commanded to. Tam Lin tells Matt that computer chips have been put into their brains so they only do things after being commanded.

Chapter Summaries 5 & 6

In Chapter 5 Matt has just been operated on by the doctor. They need a place to keep him so his care is left up to a servant named Rosa. The doctor continually checks up on Matt's foot and still doesn't like him. When the doctor comes Matt finds out that they like each other. After Rosa and Willum, the doctor, have a fight one night, Rosa threatens Matt saying," I could kill you, and bury your body under the floor." After this Rosa took away his waste can and his bed. She only gave him news paper to use the bathroom on, and left him cement to sleep on. From
then on she didn't talk to Matt anymore. Eventually Rosa came to the idea that Matt should live in saw dust like hens. She fill his room with saw dust and threw him in it. Matt continually morns for Celia, and the statue of the virgin. He found entertainment in bugs. He would hide scraps of food in the saw dust and attract bugs. One day Matt was visited by Tom who
he threw a maggot filled orange at. He felt like the king of a castle after that. Tom came back and shot him with his pellet gun. After that Celia came and saw him with Maria, he didn't say anything to them because he didn't want to cause emotional stress on himself. The chapter ends with Matt stroking his treasure of a dove feather.

Chapter six starts with Matt getting woken up with a start from Rosa. Rosa goes on to wash him and scrubs him till he is pink. He walks up and meets El Patron, Willum, and Celia. Celia calls Rosa out for putting Matt into saw dust. El Patron gets mad because he was never told about Matt's conditions. Rosa becomes outraged at the doctor and attacks him. El Patron enjoys this and sends Rosa away. Matt gets taken to live with Celia in the Large house. Matt
won't talk to anyone because he has been shocked by living in confinement. El Patron leaves to one of his other houses, and all the servants ignore him like usual. Before El Patron leaves he lets Matt choose one of his body guards to be with him. Matt chooses Tam Lin because he looks kind. This chapter ends with Tam Lin hauling him away.

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Chapter Summaries 10 & 11

Chapters 9-10
Madison Rigger

In Chapter 9, Matt developes a great interest in music, specifically Felicia's piano playing. He begins to hide out in the piano room everyday just to hear the music. One day, Matt comes to hide in a closet in the music room. While in this passage, he discovers a secret passageway through the Alacran house. For the next few weeks, Matt explores more and more of his new found secret, and on one occasion he finds a switch that opens the door to another closet. While in this closet, Matt overhears a conversation between Willum, El Viejo, and Mr. Alacran. The conversation is mysterious to him, but it sounds like El Viejo is refusing to better his health because he feels it is his time to die. Though the passage is very intriguing to Matt, he is still eager to learn to play the piano. He memorizes the comings and goings of Felicia and servants, and when the music room is empty, Matt attempts to teach himself to play. One day, Tam Lin finds him and tells him that he will try to find Matt a teacher. A deaf man named Mr. Ortega agrees to teach Matt. Because of his amazing drive, it is obvious that Matt is intent on proving himself to everyone through education.
In Chapter 10, El Patron is coming to the Alacran house for his 143rd birthday celebration. Before the dinner begins, Maria cannot find her dog, Furball, and orders Matt and Tom to look for him. Matt notices that Tom isn't really looking and suspects that Tom has done something terrible. Matt finds Furball in the toilet and Tom denies that he put him there, but Matt knows he did. With Furball found and dried, the party begins. Matt is feeling special because he can make everyone be polite to him for once. One of the guests at the party, MacGregor, catches Matt's eye. Something about him repulses Matt. When El Patron comes, it is evident that he is much more healthy than he was on his last visit. Matt is delighted! Then he sees MacGregor and El Patron sitting together and he realizes that they are friends. El Patron thanks the doctors who made him so healthy by giving them $1 million each, and he then proceeds to tell the story of how all of his siblings died. The audience has obviously heard the story before and are probably greatly relieved when El Patron announces the commencement of the dinner.

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What are you thinking so far?--Discussion Questions about pp.1-172

Wil- Do you think that they should have treated Matt Alcatron like a clone or a human?

Morgan- Why does Celia want Matt to stay in the house?

Claire- Why do people around the house only respect Matt when El Patron is around?

Silas- Why aren't clones supposed to be smart?

Jordan- Since El Patron made the house to have the same feel as his home, do you think the secret passage could have had something to do with his homeland?

Corey- What are animals or humans who aren't like normal humans called? What happens to them?

Ashlee- What is the real reason El Patron wants to stay alive so badly, and what do you think he is doing to stay alive?

Brittney- Why do you think the kids think Matt is gross and dirty just because he's a clone?

Abby- How does Matt's self-esteem go up and down according to the others' views?

Jared- Why do you think Matt cannot say anything to the children?

David- Why does Matt seem to know nothing about pain, danger, etc.? (For example, when he jumps out of the window).

Gray- Why does El Patron go by El Patron instead of Matt Alcran?

Carla- Why does El Patron feel like he needs a clone?

Camille- Why is Matt thought of as a beast even though he has all of his brains and is just like everyone else?

Patrick- Why do you think people treat clones like animals?

George- How do you think Matt felt when he found out it was an eedjit teacher? How would you react if that had happened to you?

Hannah- Maria treats Tom in many different ways, but most of the time it is being nice. In chapter 12, Matt finds out that Tom is the son of MacGregor and not of Mr. Alacran. Does Maria know about this? If she doesn't and found out, would it change her likings for Tom?

Jud- Why do you think Celia wants Matt not to call her "mother"?

Joel- Why does Celia not like to called "mother" by Matt?

Kevan- Do you think El Patron has real true love for his clone Matt?

Mason- In chapter 5, "Prison," why does Matt stry very reclusive and try to stay submerged in the little Kingdom, even when he sees Celia for the first time in months.

Trenton- Is there, or do you think there are problems with the government and public for allowing them to grow the opium and drugs?

Peter- Why do Tam Lin and Matt hit it off so well? What makes them like each other so suddenly?

Sarah- Why is Tam Lin so fond of Matt?

Ralph- What happened to the government?

Ashe- What do you think happened that make people allowed to have large drug farms without getting in trouble?

Cal- How do you think Matt feels being a clone?

Rachel- How would you feel if you were an eefit or a clone and you were treated like they were?

Caitlyn- Why do you think Maria likes and defends so much, even though he is really mean?

Jessica T-H- Why is Celia so nurturing toward Matt?

Madison- Why is Tam Lin so much more accepting of Matt than most people?

Danny- How do you think Matt felt when he got kicked out of the house?

Taylor- What do you think Celia meant before El Patron's birthday by something bad happening?

Michael- Who or what killed Furball and why?

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Peter Rabbit

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For class discussion on Wednesday, think about why Matt refers to Pedro el Conejo several times. Does he identify with the misbehaving bunny? How might The Tale of Peter Rabbit be a metaphor for Matt's childhood? If so, who is Mr. MacGregor? As a reader, did the references to Peter Rabbit remind you of your own childhood reading? If so, how did that make you feel and how might that connotation effect your reading of the text?

Official Beatrix Potter site
Electronic text of The Tale of Peter Rabbit